The Synchronized Production System

Demonstrates how the synchronizing production systems can increase performance, improve turnaround time and reduce production costs


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Dimensions 216 x 280 cm

About The Author

Hitoshi Takeda

Began his career at a major automotive company. He was active in the production control, manufacturing technology and supplier handling. His assignments included auditing and instruction on process improvement for over 100 suppliers. In 1990 he founded SPS Management Consultants and his revolutionary methods have now been adopted by companies across Europe and Asia in industries as diverse as shipbuilding and furniture manufacture.

The objective of a synchronized production system is to harmonize all the elements of the manufacturing process based on the Just-in-Time strategy. This strategy is designed to improve return on investment in business by reducing in-process inventory and its associated costs. The process is driven by a series of signals, or Kanban, that tell production processes to make the next part.

The Synchronized Production System sets out the fundamentals of the process clearly and concisely and shows the remarkable results that can be achieved:

Money previously tied up in stock is released

Quicker response times to customer orders, leading to increased customer satisfaction

Custom manufacture to order – improving equity return by reducing risk

Dramatically improved product quality

This ground-breaking book also explains how to improve performance through changes to management processes making it an invaluable reference for managers in all types and size of business.