Retailing Logistics and Fresh Food Packaging

Retailing Logistics and Fresh Food Packaging is an innovative book that enables retail and logistics professionals to recognise new opportunities and successfully manage change in the supply chain. It includes sections on product sourcing and distribution, merchandising and selling, and implementation of changes and improvements.


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Dimensions 156 x 234 cm

About The Author

David Smith

Kerstin Gustafsson

Leigh Sparks

Kerstin Gustafsson is Planning Manager at the Swedish public transport organization Skanetrafiken. Gunilla Jönson is Professor in packaging logistics at Lund University, Sweden, Dean for the Engineering Faculty at Lund University and Adjunct Professor at the School of Packaging, Michigan State University, USA. David Smith is Principal Consultant for DLG Logistics, UK. Leigh Sparks is Professor of Retail Studies at the Institute for Retail Studies, University of Stirling, UK.

The supply of fresh food is being transformed: retailers are gaining increasing power and control from manufacturers and the location and nature of production is evolving. The international practitioner and academic author team analyse state of the art packaging logistics for fresh food retailing and draw on primary research in the UK, Europe and the USA. It demonstrates the benefits to be gained from adopting new techniques and provides lessons on how to achieve successful implementation. It will help organizations and academics understand the changes and opportunities in modern fresh food supply chains and how to overcome the challenges.