Marketing and Logistics Led Organizations

Examine how marketing and logistics, both key activities in most organisations today, are critical to the provision of customer value.


About The Author

Barry Evans

Has a business background, mainly in a variety of roles with M&S. He is now a senior lecturer in Logistics and Operations Management (LOM) at Cardiff Business School and has led many business research projects with Tesco as a partner.

Robert Mason

Early career involved a variety of roles in Logistics/Distribution with Watney Mann, Rank Hovis McDougall and Royal Mail. This was followed by roles in Tesco plc, including Lean Process Manager in Tesco Supply Chain Development. Recently, he joined the Lean Enterprise Research Centre at Cardiff Business School as a Senior Research Associate.

Logistics and marketing stand out as two disciplines that are connected. Products need to leave from where they are manufactured and reach customers that make purchases.

Marketing and Logistics Led Organizations looks at marketing-led logistics and logistics-led marketing. The authors examine how to optimise profit and control costs through the coordination of these two functions. In the current business world, the idea of a single supply chain has been replaced by an integrated multi-channel approach.

Marketing and Logistics Led Organizations takes an in-depth look at physical supply chains where manufacturing of a product occurs from groceries to pharmaceuticals, and from automotive to construction. The authors examine omnichannel, how this affects the customer experience and the need for a joined-up strategy which is operationalised across all channels. They also look at the challenges of digitalisation and the customer interface with the growth of the internet as well as the intensification of competition across all sectors.