Decarbonising Logistics

Learn how to cut logistics-related carbon emissions with this research-based guide.


About The Author

Alan Mckinnon

Is Professor and Head of Logistics at Kühne Logistics University, Hamburg. He has been researching and teaching in freight transport and logistics for 35 years and has published in journals and books. He's been an adviser to several governments and international organisations on environmental aspects of logistics.

Decarbonising Logistics is based on original research conducted by the Kühne Logistics University with the support of Unilever and Kuehne and Nagel, who co-sponsored the work. The research focuses on decarbonisation, mainly focusing on transportation, across 13 countries.

The transport sector cannot be allowed to continue increasing its level of carbon emissions at an accelerating rate, while other sectors are actively decarbonizing. Decarbonising Logistics is essential for governments and companies that need to find ways of achieving dramatic carbon reductions in the transport sector.

Decarbonising Logistics focuses on the external factors of technology, infrastructure, market, behaviour, energy and regulation, and the carbon reduction strategies for their logistics operations.